Personal Training For

Men And Women 40 And Older

There’s a reason you don’t’ want to go to just any trainer if you’re over 40, and looking to get healthy and fit.

Most trainers put you on the same workout routine regardless of your age and ability. If they train CrossFit, they will train you in CrossFit. If they are bodybuilder, they will train you like a bodybuilder. They will train you like they train

Doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, male, female. They have their off the shelf solution, and that’s what you’ll get. And to be fair, most of them aren’t doing this on purpose. They just don’t know any better.
I saw this was a problem, so I created a fitness routine called 5-20-5. It's a 30-minute fitness program designed specifically for men and women 40 and older.

My name is Chris Ownbey.

I’m a 50-year-old personal trainer with more than 30 years in the industry. I specialize in training Men and Women 40+ in a Private one on one Studio located in North Dallas.

I understand as we get older our reasons to exercise have changed. it's not about vanity anymore, it's about longevity, so our workouts should change as well.

The big-box gyms are not for everyone. They can be confusing and intimidating. My private one-on-one program is customized to your needs, your wants, and goals.

You can start feeling better, having more energy, and actually loving the way you look again. (Instead of feeling depressed every time you look in a mirror.)

If this sounds like you, I would like to connect and answer any questions you may have on how I can help.

Talk soon,
Chris Ownbey

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CHRIS OWNBEY - Personal Fitness Trainer

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